A joint made of 51% weed and 49% cocaine.
by Hijodelbong August 5, 2005
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Area 51 = Area with aliens

Hey look there's a 51!
by astroboy51 September 3, 2019
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Combination of crack cocaine with marijuana or tobacco
Whats good bro?
Just coolin with a 51
by whodatjcole April 19, 2011
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a joint with $1 worth of weed and $5 of freebase.
by gaa barry gary October 3, 2004
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a very cool number which has absolutely no significance to anything.

often written on various objecs in public spaces, or at least it is among my 'circle'.
"hey, dudes, I just 51-ed that lamp-post"
"really? oh yeah, I can see it now, nice one man"
by cheesepie4herJboy August 20, 2009
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