"anyone seen jock?"

"aye, he disappeared down an ally with lizzy the skink."
by attackweasel May 27, 2009
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1) A small lizard.
2) A word that can stand for anything like "jawn" or "joint"
1) I've seen lizards before but that skink lizard is neato.
2) Man he just skinked my lighter; Dude, lay off my skinks; He just skinked the shit out of you; Man, why did he just skink that; What's up with that skink.
by Joey Poon September 24, 2003
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A word that is used only in the most crucial moments to be more powerful than fuck, usually when some sort of chaotic or powerful event is occurring that would cause "fuck" to lose it's meaning by overuse. Can be used as a noun, a verb, or an adjective.

The original use of the word arose because of the extreme nature of the restaurant industry. On busy nights, waitstaff would be swearing so much that saying fuck lost its meaning. Therefore, they decided to create a higher order swear word that could encompass the sheer chaos and tragedy of their position.
The entire restaurant was skinked on New Year's Eve when the tables needed to be flipped but Rashaad was in the kitchen beating his meat to No Vaseline.

The Mexican government got skinked big time when El Chapo escaped from prison.

Scooter is a total skink, when we were in a police chase he threw all of our skinking cocaine out of the window and we got busted.
by DaddyJ-Easy May 30, 2019
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deragatory term for U.N. Peacekeepers. A Skin is a lizard with a blue tail, thus the Blue Helmeted peacekeepers are referred to as 'skinks.'
The skinks just got sent into Lebanon.
by sternwise October 1, 2006
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Title given to a person who's sex and party life exceeds what would be considered by a "skank". And they wear the title with pride.
"Did you see that skink boy tweaking with Teena? Saw him in the carpark behind the club getting bare-backed and fisted by three guys, and 20 minutes later was taking turns going down on four other guys in the toilet at the club!"
by skinkboy June 24, 2007
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A skanky twink; a slightly sleazy slender gay boi.
A: Have you met Mike's new boyfriend?
J: Nuh-uh.
A: Total skink.
J: Gee, how surprising. Where'd they meet?
A: The kid was hustling outside Wal-Mart.
by JohnnyAZ May 28, 2006
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A skank that is stinky...a skink
she is such a skink
wowza, shes a hot skink
by CARLY BALABAN July 2, 2005
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