1) A small lizard.
2) A word that can stand for anything like "jawn" or "joint"
1) I've seen lizards before but that skink lizard is neato.
2) Man he just skinked my lighter; Dude, lay off my skinks; He just skinked the shit out of you; Man, why did he just skink that; What's up with that skink.
by Joey Poon September 23, 2003
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deragatory term for U.N. Peacekeepers. A Skin is a lizard with a blue tail, thus the Blue Helmeted peacekeepers are referred to as 'skinks.'
The skinks just got sent into Lebanon.
by sternwise September 30, 2006
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An abbreviation of 'Skinny Carrot Jeans'; Jeans which mimic the shape of a carrot, starting wide at the waist and getting thinner towards the feet.
'Hey dude, those Skinks look great on you!'

'Thanks. Regular jeans are so overrated!'
by Rubber Roddy October 17, 2011
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Title given to a person who's sex and party life exceeds what would be considered by a "skank". And they wear the title with pride.
"Did you see that skink boy tweaking with Teena? Saw him in the carpark behind the club getting bare-backed and fisted by three guys, and 20 minutes later was taking turns going down on four other guys in the toilet at the club!"
by skinkboy June 23, 2007
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Skink refers to post-pubescent underage girls roughly from age 12-17 that are known to dress and act quite slutty. Skinks are typically seen wearing short skirts or shorts, along with a top that shows off what little cleavage is usually there. Boys/men with girlfriends pose a challenge to skinks as they are usually younger and skinnier than said girlfriend. They are also known to use hip-gangsta speak, especially when on the computer or texting. Skinks are never virgins despite their innocent appearance. Skinks CANNOT keep secrets at all. Never trust a skink. Skinks do not use condoms.
"Hey man, you better get me out of this chicken coop before I'm tempted by one of these little skinks."
by Fo Pow August 20, 2011
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A skanky twink; a slightly sleazy slender gay boi.
A: Have you met Mike's new boyfriend?
J: Nuh-uh.
A: Total skink.
J: Gee, how surprising. Where'd they meet?
A: The kid was hustling outside Wal-Mart.
by JohnnyAZ May 28, 2006
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