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Pheobe is beautiful inside and out. Loves long walks with tall dark and handsome men. Strong willed and strong arms. Hates brewing potions but loves brewing coffee. Fights evil with her mad kickboxing skills. Occasionally the jealous type, Pheobe has a mind of her own and is not one you want on your bad side. Sexy, funny, cute, educated. Befriend her and you'll be secure for life.
Pheobe is one bad ass chick.
by Kehling April 17, 2016
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Pheobe is the most beautiful, kind person in history. She is impossible not to fall in love with even though it will take some effort getting to know her as she comes across shy. Pheobe also loves birds and is perhaps the smartest woman on planet Earth. If you ever find a Pheobe grab a hold and don't let go because your friends are gonna try and take her away for themselves.
Guy 1: "I think I'm in love with Pheobe."
Guy 2: "Me too... she's mine!"
*guys beat each other up*
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by OneSmartBoy January 29, 2019
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Pheobe is kind person who falls out with people but loves attention she has this one best friend but she also has haters and lovers know you don’t wanna be in pheobes bad books or she will use her sidekick to knock u out pheobe is also a very shy and humorous person and her friend thinks she lies but she doesn’t
Girl 1 I wanna be pheobe friend

Girl 2 well what if she don’t

Boy 1 I wanna go out with pheobe

Boy 2 she asked me out
by # masterqueen July 25, 2018
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Phoebe is a crazy, weird, funny, fun and relatable person who everyone likes
My new bestie is totally a pheobe
by Depressed tator tot February 07, 2019
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