acrylic nails which are applied on top of your natural fingernails usu. worn by ghetto girls and designed with eye-catching ghetto designs in very bright colors.
Laqueesha: did you see that girl working the cash register at Pathmark?
Shareefa: them Koreans hooked her tips up. i'ma get me that pattern.
Laqueesha: but don't get them as long as hers cuz she had to push da buttons with her knuckles, gettin them all ashy, and she almost scratched your eye out and you know you woulda had to fight her.
by GhettoPrincess16 May 24, 2005
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Turnt in Peace. The true alternative to rest in peace. After all, why rest when you can turn up?
Guy: 'shit i just got a 20% on that exam'
Friend: 'T.I.P'

Girl: 'fuck, my grandmother just passed away'
Friend: 'T.I.P'

Guy: 'hey man can you give me some girl advice'
Friend: 'when she mad, say T.I.P.'
by HabhibiLove December 06, 2016
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Tits hips and everything in between, a word used to describe any physical feature of a girl. Not necessarily pertaining to her bumps. It could mean her eyes or her gorgeous smile with the two crooked teeth
Guy 1: Man B's got alotta big tips
Guy 2: Dude she may have alotta big tips but
J's are better cause their quality
by qwertyqwert2 February 04, 2009
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T.I.'s (Tha famous rapper)alter ego.
An alter ego (Latin, "the other I") is a second self, a second personality or persona within a person. A person with an alter ego is said to lead a double life


Watch tha video Big Sh*t Poppin &nd you will see T.I.P.
by -ηαtiivє-вєαutчч- December 15, 2008
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Usually meaning the the actual head of the dick, or the dick in general
by Davion May 14, 2005
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to give an extra amount of money for a service, such as to a waiter, in appreciation of his efforts. Origins: Years ago, waiters and some others hoping for a little extra money, used to carry around a small box labelled "To Improve Promptness", and soon the initials were shortened to form the single word "tip". Nowadays, it is customary in many places to give a tip which is one tenth of the total bill.
The boy from the lobby took our bags to our room, and from the way he kept standing there in the doorway with his hand slightly out, palm up, you could tell he was hoping for a tip.
by Pro-Love Girl May 02, 2010
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