A way of being or feeling
I've been on the shy tip lately, that's why I havent called.

Tonight I'm rollin' on the solo tip, no honey's wit me.
by LULU March 15, 2005
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Tips - Noun. the wooden tip to Black and mild cigarillos.. Also known as nips, and nipples.
Tyron slipped on the TIP, I threw in the ground, from dat blunt!
by SubMonkeyZ September 28, 2020
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tip meaning your gonna get tf jumped
I'll get people to tip on you
by Mayfair_Autumn August 11, 2017
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To be giving poor oral sex (see: head, or dome) in which you only place the tip, or head of the penis in your mouth, and repeating until ejaculation, or until getting bored.
Guy A: I was at my buddy's graduation party yesterday and I totally got head from Krystal!
Guy B: Was it any good?
Guy A: No, she just put the tip in.
Guy B: That sucks! I hate girls who tip.
by MyHopeIsInGod June 11, 2008
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To sprinkle yayo on a cigarette or blunt and proceed to smoke it. People who do this will act like it is very different from smoking base.
Hey I'll tip a cig now and then but I'm no basehead.
by DonLuca September 13, 2010
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house,crib,where you live
Yo!man I,m on my way to the TIP right now.
by dee man May 14, 2008
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