The name "Tion" means Gift of God.

The name Tion is of English origin and means "New Life , A dream came true". A submission from Texas, U.S. says the name Tion means "Gift of god" and is of English origin.

Those with this name are regarded as very nice people but sometimes unable to express their happiness. While this may not always be true, for the superstitious it also depends on their zodiac. People named Tion are still some of the nicest and most open you'll ever meet. If you stumble across a Tion, take it as a Gift from God, and talk to him. Chances you two will become friends are high.
Person A: Have you met my new classmate Tion? He's super nice!
Person B: I know! I accidentally dropped my notebooks on the floor and he helped me get them back. He was so friendly and always smiling. You must be lucky to be his classmate.
Person B: U got that right!
by THE_tion May 5, 2021
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an animal with a father tiger and mother lion. the opposite of a liger
Napoleon knows its totally different from a liger
by clark February 1, 2005
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A spontaneous back handspringer who thinks its safe to do currency exchange in a shady building with a toothpick chewing Argentinian named Diego.
She pulled a tione.
by LUNCHBOX77 March 21, 2018
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He is the god of downbad, and basically is the most thirstiest guy youll ever meet. he fell from the heavens and immediately went to search for p*ssy.
What does being downbad mean?

being tione
by thegoneboy August 24, 2021
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you have heard of a liger its a lion cross tiger

tion is a tiger cross lion
i can imagine this f*d up little tion thing ground rat on a leash and squisshed walking *makes retarded face*
by ih8skittles March 10, 2008
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(Ahn-im-ay-shun) The cross between drawing anime, and making it into a TV series.
"Dude, Cody just switched to anime-tion."
"What?? Don't you mean 'Animation'?"
"...Kind of..."
by Andriffic September 2, 2009
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Tion-Shai is a sweet girl who is always by my side nomatter what. She raps and sings better than any other female. She shows love to her family, girl, and fans 24/7. && she acts a full (;
Tion-shai knows her music && can sing && loves Traci (;
by Your Love. Toon June 3, 2013
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