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An awesome woman with class and style. Is super sarcastic but funny as hell. Almost a genius, she has trouble understanding what makes other people tick. Is an Empath and feels things deeply. Believes in angels and ghosts and has seen many. Has seen hell in a vision and never wants to go there. Believes in afterlife. Is a people pleaser.
She pulled a Traci by being so snarky.
by FreebieChick January 09, 2017
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A totally awesome woman who knows what she wants. Does not make friends that easily but when she does, they are friends for life. Loves the rain, horses and beaches. Preferably all at the same time. Once you get to know this woman, you will never forget her...commonly known as "insightful and daring".
Traci Peewee
by Peewee Pooh Bear Moohlah February 05, 2010
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A beautiful girl, that I love. Makes people happier. A lot of fun. She cares about me. She's a loving person. She loves to have fun.
traci fun loving funny exciting caring kind
by Mma April 20, 2013
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usually a girl who likes to have wild fun. tends to have many sexual desires. SUPER SEXY. a girl boys can't help but stare at. likes to please boys.
WHO IS THAT GIRL? She must be a Traci!
by sexygirl5 March 15, 2009
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(adj.) -of or pertaining to extreme awesomeness; usually high in energy and spastic;
(n.) -a person who runs to concrete slabs for no reason
Who the hell describes a jet plane as Traci? ...uh.. gotta go!
by Julie27 May 03, 2005
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A 39 y/0 woman who has 3 babies by 4 different baby daddies and lives in a trailer park. She uses her child support money on her fake french manicure and volatiles. Her jeans are bedazzled and her thong is visible. She loves nascar
Girl: Damn what’s going on with traci?

The friend: Oh, I think she’s on that shit again :/
by Haywoodd August 13, 2018
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