to put up your defenses, your guard. Could also be used as a place over crowded like *this place is (deed) up*.
*d up bitch your about to get snuffed*

*damn b the place deed up*
by Romaineheart July 8, 2003
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what happens when you work out a lot and increase muscle mass. see "swole"
Used as an adjective: "D'ed up"
Damn Troy, you tryin to get d'ed up?
by mackaroon May 18, 2005
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A cultural reference to drawing dicks on table tops and other related surfaces. While it is immature and wrong, it can be, at times, hysterical. D's Up is usually a formal way of greeting someone who does this sort of thing.
Guy 1: "Hey man, what's up?"
Guy 2: "Hey yo, D's Up."
Guy 1: "Ah yes, D's Up indeed."
by Skittmier September 20, 2009
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To give a blowjob or act slutty. To give head to anyone when intoxicated just to make people think you are sexually advanced and cool.
That chick d you up?
Yo, cmhere and d me up.
Dawg she always wants to d-up at every party.
by aksgnad June 5, 2006
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1)You yell d-up when you are on the block and only when you are the 1st to see the cops. You say d-up just to let everyone around you kno they are there.2) You can also call the cops D-Up too. Depending the situation could mean, "RUN"
1)"AYo D-UP the law coming up the one-way!"

2)"Thats D-UP over there in that parked taurus, with the tints"

D-UP D-UP D-UP.... If you dirty you should start walkin'
by Spoon from Philly August 6, 2010
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