freakish cat-god whose diet consists of toes, and the occasional arm or leg. this female creature originated in the middle-east but migrated to California in early 2009. She is a hazard to humankind, but the world would not survive without her.
Shit! Tikvah is attacking! All hail Tikvah! (Or she will eat our toes!)
by treehuggingfreak May 11, 2009
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1) The opposite of Misomaniac
2) One who loves and accepts everyone, just as they are.
by JungleRocknRoll December 14, 2019
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The Hebrew national anthem is "Tikvateinu" ("Our Hope") or "HaTikvah" ("The Hope").
by Nickidewbear August 20, 2011
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She is the sweetest and amazing girl ever. She is somebody to follow and listen to. If you ever find her, she will open your world. She is short, pretty, and has the most beautiful eyes. At times she may need help but she's ready to get right back up and help those around her.
Be a Tikvah, and you'll do great
by Thelaughingstorm September 23, 2019
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A name given to a woman who is beautiful, quirky, fashionable, sensitive, and intense. She is thrilled to wear a tutu and sneakers to an amusement park. This thespian stands out in a crowd and doesn’t cower at a personal challenge to tackle intricate hair and nail designs. Once you’ve met a Tikvah, you’ll wonder how you ever overlooked the hole that was in your life before knowing her. She’s a person who has years of sign language study and readily accepts opportunities to use the language and support those around her. She has a strong love for cats and fell in love with a dog that claimed her. This woman is loyal to her faith, her family, and her community.
Tikvah easily creates life and love from her endless inner potential and her ability to seize the day.
by MamaSophie’sLove December 14, 2019
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