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An Ethnically-Patrilineal and/or -Matrilineal Jew who believes that the historical Jesus of Nazareth (Yeshua HaNotzri) is the Messiah and that the New Testament is a part of TaNaKH(i.e., Torah, Nevi'im, Ketuvim, Hadashah-- literally "New" or "News").
A Messianic Jew does not necessarily keep all 613 mitzvot in the Torah, may not hold the Talmud as part of the Jewish Bible, and may be a member of a church as opposed to a Messianic shul or synagogue. Also called "Jews for Jesus", Messianic Jews are often targeted for persecution by Antimissionaries such as the Antimissionary organization Jews for Judaism.
by Nickidewbear August 19, 2011
Acronym for “Life of the mother”.
Person One: “Okay, dude; most reasonable people are going to agree that abortion can be considered in LOTM cases.”

Person Two: “ But there are some people who think that mothers who would abort their own children to save their own lives are selfish, and a woman in a LOTM case due to—e.g.— uterine cancer is selfish and not trusting that God can overcome the cancer and may even have set her time on this Earth to end in the first place. Let’s also say that – and I know what you’re thinking —”

Person One: “First of all, the mother has to choose whether or not she wants to risk maternal mortality, not to mention risk infant mortality, in the first place. Second of all, she might have other kids whom might need her around—for example, a child with intellectual disabilities. Third of all, she might actually live and end up with postpartum complications—including birthing-affected infertility—and the baby might die, which would add insult to injury. Then what? Besides, just because God can overcome everything doesn’t mean that He always does. ‘God’s will’ is not synonymous with ‘any way you want it’—in other words, the King of Kings is not the ‘Burger King’ shill. Besides, most fast food probably isn’t kosher….debate over. I’m getting hangry.”

Person Two: “I guess that we’re not going to Burger King either way, though.”
by Nickidewbear August 5, 2021
An online encyclopedia, Wikipedia was founded by Jimmy Wales. Meant to be a "free encyclopedia", it has since become a controversial and questionable source of information.
While Wikipedia is good for basic facts, it must be taken with a grain of salt, especially since many of its editors are agenda driven ideologues in one or another way.
by Nickidewbear February 27, 2014
A reference to the famous and infamous, Puerto Rican-Jewish son of Cruz "Allen" and Lillie "Lillian" Friedman Rivera.

Often controversial, the "Exposing Myself", "HisPanic", and "The Great Progression" author; five-times-married, four-times-divorced dad of five children; and a former lawyer who represented the Young Lords of Spanish Harlem; the ABC News-turned-NBC News-turned-FOX News anchor has never shied away from taboo subjects (including Satanism and Al Capone's vault) or even outright-dangerous situations (including unthinkingly giving away troop positions in Iraq in 2003, right before he was scheduled to marry Erica Levy).

Some have sadly speculated that the 68-year-old "Geraldo at Large" host and FOX News correspondent may also not be in his final marriage in being married to Erica Levy, the daughter of late ADL Regional Chairman Howard A. Levy. Even though Geraldo Rivera converted to Reform Judaism in 2003 by celebrating a second Bar Mitzvah Ceremony with son Gabriel and marrying Erica Levy at Manhattan's Central Synagogue, Rivera has had a record of sleeping with over 1,000 women (including his five wives; all four ex wives of whom he cheated on) and raised concern from some (including some outright-vicious and vile gossips) that his support for the verdict in the Casey Anthony case may be motivated be certain untoward and inappropriate feelings towards the infamous client of Jose Baez.
"What'd you open; an Al Capone? Who are you; Geraldo Rivera?"
by Nickidewbear August 26, 2011
A perjorative to refer to a mentally- or developmentally-disabled person. Refers to Trig Palin, the son of Ex-Governor Sarah Palin.
See the definition for "Palin baby".
by Nickidewbear August 12, 2011
One who is a Jew who subscribes only to the Tanakh ("Old Testament"), and to few or none of the various Talmudim, midrashim, gemerot, or other Pharisaical additions to the Jewish Scriptures.
Karaites will subscribe only to the various Pharisaical additions to Tanakh as optional and as long as they don't contradict or otherwise go against Tanakh.
by Nickidewbear January 9, 2013
Messianic Jews, Jewish Christians, etc.
The term comes from a Messianic Jewish organization founded by the late Moishe (ne Martin, 1932-2010) and Celia Starr Rosen. Called "Jews for Jesus", the organization is a 501(c)3 Messianic Jewish ministry which is often targeted for vile persecution by groups such as the Antimissionary organization Jews for Judaism.
by Nickidewbear August 19, 2011