Emily: I just downloaded TikTok!
Tom: Ugh, TikTok is Cancer, It gave me 3 heart attacks and cringe disease

Emily: Deletes TikTok,
by TheMemer22 July 3, 2021
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tiktok is an app that makes you question your life, gender, and intelligence. WARNING! you will waste A LOT of time on this app and encounter fairies.
tiktok is stupid but addicting
by baldpandas June 3, 2020
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cringe people i watch for fun
hey what’s up, why’re you so tired?
oh it’s because i stood up all night watching cringe tiktokers.
by vscoeggoskskskk October 7, 2019
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A cringe fest that teenage girls do because they want to attract pedos on the internet
girl: daddy i want to make a tiktok
dad: why is that
girl:because a hot sexy man is online and im in love wit him
dad: umm dats a pedo
by a true baller March 27, 2019
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the social media app for teens with no friends.
Like kids lip syncing frickin Jacob Sartorius or shawn mendes

Mom: Son your punishment for not doing homework is being forced to watch tiktok

Son: Mom can i die instead
pls help i have watched too much tiktok and now im sick
by Joegamerbro December 8, 2018
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The anti-christ turned into a phone application
Person (likely in special ed classes): do you have tiktok?
Anyone with more than 7 brain cells in their head: *pulls out crucifix*
by Dalias_Blake445 October 23, 2018
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An app filled with annoying 12-year-old girls who think they look top shit dancing in their skimpy short skirts who have the same amount of make-up as a full-blown discounted version of a circus clown. The only people who have talent on this app are:
-People who dance outside of TikTok dances
-actual good comedians. (does NOT involve the orange, blueberry, or Kandy Ken.)
someone-"do you have TikTok?"
someone-"can you follow me?"
Me-*looks at their acc and sees that they're 10 and dancing to sexually explicit songs*
by long rat shit May 15, 2020
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