could have been the next vine app, but it was used by the wrong people.
when you first make contact with anything tiktok related you feel a massive chunk of your brain change from whatever it was before to i want to purposely step on a lego or take a toaster bath.
if tiktok gets banned in your country, good job, you are free from suffering.
this app is usually filled with anyone from age 12 to 18 and ugly white girls who eat 5 pounds of takis everyday thinking they are cool.
covid 19 is no longer a virus, tiktok is now the virus.
friend : yo tiktok is so cool you should download it
me : im sorry but we are not friends because you downloaded that virus
by yeetus_that_feetus September 21, 2020
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Emily: I just downloaded TikTok!
Tom: Ugh, TikTok is Cancer, It gave me 3 heart attacks and cringe disease

Emily: Deletes TikTok,
by TheMemer22 July 3, 2021
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tiktok is an app that makes you question your life, gender, and intelligence. WARNING! you will waste A LOT of time on this app and encounter fairies.
tiktok is stupid but addicting
by baldpandas June 3, 2020
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cringe people i watch for fun
hey what’s up, why’re you so tired?
oh it’s because i stood up all night watching cringe tiktokers.
by vscoeggoskskskk October 7, 2019
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A cringe fest that teenage girls do because they want to attract pedos on the internet
girl: daddy i want to make a tiktok
dad: why is that
girl:because a hot sexy man is online and im in love wit him
dad: umm dats a pedo
by a true baller March 27, 2019
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the social media app for teens with no friends.
Like kids lip syncing frickin Jacob Sartorius or shawn mendes

Mom: Son your punishment for not doing homework is being forced to watch tiktok

Son: Mom can i die instead
pls help i have watched too much tiktok and now im sick
by Joegamerbro December 8, 2018
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The anti-christ turned into a phone application
Person (likely in special ed classes): do you have tiktok?
Anyone with more than 7 brain cells in their head: *pulls out crucifix*
by Dalias_Blake445 October 23, 2018
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