The best suffix for anything that is extreme.
Deathfest, ragefest, suckfest, sexfest, gayfest, idiotfest, assholefest, fuckmefest. You get the point.
by Hizzo April 16, 2004
When the bros kick back and chill, when males bro it out and chill and play gamecube, no females aloud or that would be a bro foul and u would no longer be festing
dude we should fest tonight

i just to chill with the bros and fest

dude that was a bro foul and ur not festing

harrison sometimes you just want to fest to much
by FamilyGuyFan 84 April 28, 2008
to get sloppy hammered, almost deeming yourself extinct to man.
festing and fested
John: What are you gonna do today Mike Nelko?

Mike Nelko: Im gonna fest all day and then masturbate before my eyes shut me down.
by Efstathios Papadopoulos July 9, 2004
If something fests, it is festant, and therefore smells incredibly bad
OH MAN!! Get that it away from me, it fests!
by Wu Dark March 29, 2004
word of dundonian origins, terms used to descrice something good such as a nice looking young female
thats fest,or shes fest as fuck
by superdave and eagle i April 21, 2004
The state of mind after bunning massive amounts of good south FLA BIP.
(Step out of fogged out whip)"Yo son I am Fest!
by Sizzle & Big Doc October 20, 2003
a destructive or extremely unkind practical joke. usually involves breaking into someone home or bedroom and writing abuse on property, vandalising treasure possessions, setting traps and generally being a cunt.
"we fested Pete well good!"

"fuck yeah! how?"

"i did a shit in his bed."
by cmecyou May 22, 2007