(adjective) To blatantly rip off someone else's material because you have no originality of your own. To record the exact same post everyone else is making.
I posted a 'How to do The Floss' dance tutorial up on YouTube and 57 million 11 year olds TikTokked me.
by MiloMinderbidner August 28, 2020
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The scariest thing on the internet to this date

Rachel: oh no, the scariest thing on the internet


Rachel: tiktok is for pussys that want 15 seconds of fame

Tracy: uhhh. BITCH
by pseudonym ツ October 5, 2020
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A social media that makes you reconsider the community. It is filled with middle and high schoolers who dream to be TikTok stars and influencers. The only great memes from this platform are stolen from Reddit. On TikTok, is a thing called Infiltration, that violates your person. Some 14 year-old start making toxic Fortnite dances in front of young girls crying about their boyfriend that broke up with them by killing himself. These girls dance on some toxic popular songs and the only entertaiment is watching a 14 year-old girl's ass.
Person 1: Have you seen that bitch?
Person 2: No
Person 1: Some 40 year-old guys are looking at her ass on TikTok
by DankWarrior703 March 21, 2020
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TikTok = bullshit
TikTok is bullshit
by DGKTree June 20, 2021
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could have been the next vine app, but it was used by the wrong people.
when you first make contact with anything tiktok related you feel a massive chunk of your brain change from whatever it was before to i want to purposely step on a lego or take a toaster bath.
if tiktok gets banned in your country, good job, you are free from suffering.
this app is usually filled with anyone from age 12 to 18 and ugly white girls who eat 5 pounds of takis everyday thinking they are cool.
covid 19 is no longer a virus, tiktok is now the virus.
friend : yo tiktok is so cool you should download it
me : im sorry but we are not friends because you downloaded that virus
by yeetus_that_feetus September 21, 2020
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its another way of saying Retarded in a stealthy way , you can use this so you wont get banned in some forums or sensitive twitter
ignore fit shaming from pink hair fat vegans , they are tiktoked .
by Tom Segura February 13, 2020
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A place where condom fails upload videos about their cringeyness and get super pissed of whenever they find out that someone has made a meme out of them. Like fr, GET TRIGGERED. Most of the users are 40-50 year old virgins who live in their mothers basements. Other users are usually 10-14 year old spoiled girls who want to be popular even though they cant in real life.
Jake: you using that TikTok shit again m8?
Jeff: yea m8
Jake: (chick chick) goodbye old friend.
by Yee mato in green November 12, 2018
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