When Someone Or Something Make You Get in Yo Thoughts & You Start Getting Emotional... Den you like FUCK DAT❢ I Got Shit to Do❢ Ion Have Time fa That "Feelings" Shit❢❢ So You Brush it Off Everytime kuz You KEEP IT THUGGIN💯
Damn.. Ole Girl did me wrong. I should be upset right now but you know I gotta Keep it Thuggin.Gotta Focus on This Money. Can't Trip About No Bitchh.
by №ℒℴѵℯ℻ November 10, 2020
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it's not a thing it's an activity. what you must do is:

1. sit somewhere towards the back of a gathering of people (ie: a classroom)

2. often times you either must look really cool or really threatening, often giving dirty looks at a speaker

3. can only be done in a public gathering (ie: a class, lecture, public address)
Jack: hey, Alex, Steve looks pissed.
Alex: Naw, he ain't pissed man, Steve be backseat thuggin'.
by Solid.Snake1985 April 06, 2013
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When a nigga think he camoflauged from the popo in the name of god but really just burned too much purp.
Yo leroy it saturday night grabs the hood rats and 40s we can ride dirty in my whip and no one will know i be thuggin for christ my nigga
by bloopidybloop April 16, 2016
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someone whos got it goin on, often named Jack
Damn he be thuggin' right
by JACK swag October 22, 2012
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short for positivity, a term used often by people who want to keep life positive and/or happy. commonly refferd too in the style of hardcore music. or you can also say possi thuggin!
dawg did you hear prpwoe is posi thuggin!

no way your posi thuggin!
by prpwoe January 04, 2019
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short for positive, and possible thuggin. commonly refferd too in the style of hardcore music. you can also say posi thuggin. we don't hate only love! that is the true meaning of posi or possi thuggin!
bro your super possi thuggin!

cool story that was posi thuggin!
by prpwoe January 04, 2019
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