The day on which it is acceptable to post thuggin pictures of yourself, friends, acquaintances, idols, or strangers on social media. Occurs every Thursday of every week.
Finna have a hood thuggin thursday #tt

Dis pic be dope af. holla, we be thuggin. #thugginthursday
by Mark Gin January 16, 2014
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to Thug alone as if you were with 100 ppl still. To thug alone no matter wherever you are solo. To remain THUGLIFE by yo muffukin self!!!
Aye mayne say mayne I was solo thuggin all week at the spot!!
by Trap god jizzle February 16, 2019
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When someone threatens you with bodily harm in a chat room but they live far away from you and don't even know you personally.
Or when they invite you to come to their house so the can fight you.
(Bartman83)>Fuck u spiderman! Why don't you bring your New York ass over hear to Arizona. You don't want to mess with me!!
(spiderman2000)>Whatever. stop cyber thuggin Bartman. What are you going to do? Caps lock me to death? lmao
by yngmss November 09, 2007
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A term used for somebody that acts like he/she is tough on the internet, they do this because they cannot be seen, and nobody knows there real identity.
Guy 1: "this guy on youtube 'cocksucker6' is trying to act tough, hes a bitch."

Guy 2: "Yeah man, hes Keyboard Thuggin'."
by Axedude November 25, 2009
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When your makin' love, and right before that special moment you beat the girl upside the head, snatch her purse, and throw her down the stairs.
Guy: Hey man how was last night.
Thug: I gave her some thuggin love.
by Gangstalicious March 30, 2006
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When another person,usually a hater, posts on yer wall or status trying to be hard and when you see them in person they dont say anything and barely make eye-contact.
Kayla:(writing on status) You aint bout nothing, you aint tryna see me in these hands.

Ashley:(checks status) hmmmm.. delete
AT School the next dayy..
Kayla:(walking pas ahley on hush mode)

Ashley: She straight facebook thuggin
by Zappy200 January 25, 2011
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