First example -> Kid: Lemme get out my phone
Second example -> Parents: Get off of your phone! Kid:
by ImmaRealGamer January 25, 2021
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When no one calls or text you and you bored af.
No notifications.
"Man!Somebody need to hit me up!my phone dry!"
by copper_doll June 14, 2014
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When a male asks a female to "bless his phone" He is asking for booty pics.
by Nova009 January 19, 2016
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If a female say bless her phone it means that want you to send her a nude or sumin to make her day..
by Be. R r df f f November 03, 2019
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1. When you're on the phone and you really just want to get off and you say: "My phone is dying, gotta let you go".

2. When the girl you laid on Thursday calls you on Saturday to "see how you're doing" and talks your ear off, you say: "My phone is dying, gotta let you go".

3. My phone didnt really die, I was just done talking to
Girl: "So I met up with Cindy on Saturday, I had not seen her since college. I think she's gained a little bit of weight since then..."

Guy: "Hey great to know you met up with Cindy. My phone's dying I gotta let you go."

Guy afterwards: calls the girl that he met on Friday.
by labaut July 01, 2009
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The Universal Millennial Excuse for damn-near ANYTHING that one fails or forgets to do.
I was supposed to call my gf but my phone was trippin'. My boss asked why I didn't show up at work and didn't bother to call or text and I told him my phone was trippin'.
by Shawdog December 02, 2016
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