short for positive, and is a widely accepted term among scenster hardcore kids. most commonly used in songs by the band Good Clean Fun.
"dude, that wasn't very posi"
by J.L.V August 27, 2003
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Short for positive. Being upbeat and having a positive outlook on life.
"I'm feelin' posi, nothing can hold me down."
by gian November 23, 2003
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posi is short for the word positive. commonly refferd too in the style of hardcore music. positive hardcore becomes posi hardcore or posi core
that song is so posi.
that band has a posi vibe.
by dannyxxx October 29, 2005
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In hot-rod groups, short for positrac. Positrac was the GM trade name for a differential gear which would lock under severe loading to ensure that both drive wheels were turning. Highly desired in drag racing. The positrac name is now mostly generic in usage, with many racers referring to every locking diff a "posi".
Watch both tires smoke! You can sure tell that guys running a posi!
by Earl_Buttle October 3, 2005
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short for positivity, a term used often by people who want to keep life positive and/or happy.
-"Dude, I saw you make fun of that girl, so not posi..."
-"You're right man, I'm sorry."
by saladandtaco July 24, 2010
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Posi (pronounced pah-zee) is short for "positive" and is being used increasingly by the Posi Music industry to define music that unites and inspires their audience.
I was having a rotten day and needed a little Posi pick me up.
by Mrs.Z October 21, 2010
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posi short for positive hardcore. type of music that is hardcore but postive fast almost punk like in sound but with lyrics that state standing strong and never to give up also things such as if you fuck with me your dead. a term used alot by scene fucks such as my self.
comeback kid is posi as fuck man those guys are hardcore, they will fuck you up if you fuck with them or their freinds.
by xbloodyaffairx January 10, 2005
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