When a young, thuggish African American female does anything.
Abby: "Did you see the way Keyetta bussed that table?"
Lynne: "Hell yea! She's so young n' thuggin!"
by gobus46bitch October 17, 2006
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derived from tha rapper (slim thug) a not so good member of swisha house productions

It means when you mess things up or you are doing bad things
damn son u slim thuggin it rite now

shit that nigga been slim thuggin it all day
by Drew March 01, 2005
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To be on top of your game and shining brighter than anyone or anything else.
Darell:Awe snap homie, lil tone loc is Thuggin N Buggin on that gangstuh beats again!

Terell: Man those rims are sure Buggin, they so tight!

Dwayne: He's been out there bustin caps, straight up Thuggin.

Franky: Hey my homie g, check out this science test score! I sure am Thuggin N Buggin on my fellow classmates!
by Johnny Davison March 12, 2010
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When you're in class or a room and you're at the back of the class because you're the dopest dude in the whole room. Also it's optional to give hard looks at other people the whole time but not necessary to be back row thuggin
"hey jim did you see brad come in to this lecture today"
"yeah man he's back row thuggin don't stare at him"
by brethasbones November 26, 2012
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The gang of study-hall biznitches and biznastards who are the coolest dorks i know.

Krazy K
Azzle Jazzle
Lil' J
J Dawg
Klumsy B
..No i dont want to join the Thuggin MOthas (1)..what am I, a teacher from the hood?
by Gracie January 23, 2004
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R&B thuggin” is the 13th solo album created by r&b singer & songwriter Amari J originally titled “Introduction 2 R&B Thuggin” released January 1st, 2017 by A.D.A a distributor of Warner Music Group. Amari J spins off the album title from TP-2.com (an abbreviation of Twelve Play-2) is the fourth solo album by American recording artist R. Kelly, released on November 7, 2000 by Jive Records. Both artist’s met at the “Play House Club” in Hollywood, California earlier this year.
by SteveRyannMedia October 20, 2018
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