1. Homo thuggin is when a man sticks his penis in another mans ass, not for enjoyment, but as a way of life. 2. Homo Thuggin' is not being GAY. Gay men kiss other gay men. Homo Thugs just fuck other men...anally. 3. When homo thugs feel like being charitable, we use lube. Sometimes homo thugs spit on their cocks. But if you cross them, you better hope you bleed. 4. Don't forget to bring that baby oil. Homo Thugs like to see your body glisten when they're making you feel like you're taking a shit backwards.
"Ayo you homo thuggin?"
"Excuse me, that is not proper homo thuggin attire."
"When you a homo thug thats homo thuggin, your asshole gapes for a week."
"Ayo heavy homo thuggin, will result in paralyzation from the neck down...yes the NECK down."
by Baby Oil B. Hom October 17, 2006
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When a young wanna be gangsta who tries to be hard and real, embarasses himself and/or his "set"/"people" by posturing to cover up being a down low closeted homosexual by overcompensating with fake, appropriated imitative pop-culture "gangsta" shit.
See homie over there waving a gat around, grabbing his nuts and talkin' tough? When he goes back to his crib with that other cat over there, bet you whatever there's gonna be some thuggin love.
by Yabigdumi October 12, 2006
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When white kids from the suburbs wear a bunch of FuBu and go around calling themselves gangsters. When in reality, they've never even been in a fist fight.
You just thuggin in the suburbs, and you betta watch yo self, cuz when you thuggin in the suburbs you might run into real gangsters - El Pus, Suburb Thuggin
by Josh Silver February 06, 2006
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From the rapper (Slim Thug) from the north side of houston one of the 2 main factions in houston rap. means thuggin like slim would do it.
like "Ridin bentley before the (commercial) album drops". Or "before the album be having emenim and 50 cent crowds"

Means living like "G" with trump money.
"I don't open doors he do it from out side" The driver does it cause I'm slim thuggin it baby.
by Devlin H April 23, 2008
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A dude rolling around in his ride with his bass speakers cranked all the way up.
I almost went deaf when that ride flew by. Dude was really thuggin out.
by Doctor Foosh August 28, 2018
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To aggressively pursue contact with another individual via telephone
yo, why you gotta be phone thuggin me son?
by Ferd Tergurssen March 25, 2008
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short for positivity, a term used often by people who want to keep life positive and/or happy. commonly refferd too in the style of hardcore music. or you can also say possi thuggin!
dawg did you hear prpwoe is posi thuggin!

no way your posi thuggin!
by prpwoe January 04, 2019
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