1.) adj. an extreme or high version of something.

2.) n. a bone protruding from one's body.
1.) That kid is thou art idiot.

2.) He has two dual-overhead thou arts on his shoulders.
by Mark April 23, 2004
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That on the cross, our burden gladly bearing, he bled and died, to take away our sins! Then sings my soul, my savior God to thee, how great thou art!
Pamala: So Duncan, what’s your favorite church song?

Duncan: “How great thou art!”
Pamala: Oh funny! That’s my favorite song too!
Duncan: okay but I Didn’t ask....
by Usehername March 8, 2021
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Two words written together to form an adjective, meaning a combination of what Art is; and for, with, and from You. In a sentence, these two words without the well-known Shakespearean play written "Romeo & Juliet" verse that precedes "art thou" with "wherefore", "art thou" is a statement alone that acts as an adjective catalyst to boost each sentence in which it is used, offering a greater meaning.
With my pen in hand, my mind free and fanciful, let it be that I'd reach my reader ("alas!" ), art thou becoming so just as free ?
by Lil Irish September 3, 2015
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