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When a thot offers to please you in sexual way
Without you asking
Josh: Hey man Sasha tired to suck me up right now
Manny: Nigga chill she was just being thotful
by Dontchasethesehoes January 31, 2015
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Thoughtful can also be interpreted as thotful. The term THOT originated as Chicago slang, meaning β€œThat Hoe Over There.” Becky is having a Thotful thoughts about sleeping with Malik.

Note the homophone for thoughtful and thotful
1. Brittany is a very thotful hoe
2. You're so thotful
3. How thotful of you, he said innocently.
4.Thotful, she began to put together another plan and rehearse what she'd say to the police
5. Her thotful expression and dress immediately strike the viewer

You're so thotful, you're so thotful
You're so bad girl, you're so awful
I fuck you right in my office
You go tell your friends you're honest
That's why all your friends are on
You know you made me a promise
by Thotful June 03, 2014
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Pretending to be a thot to spare someones feelings
Jeremy: Does susan like jacob?
Amy: no ,She likes chris
Jeremy: so why is she kissing jacob
Amy: She didn't want to hurt his feelings

Jeremy: wow she's really thotful!
by ChittyChittybang November 10, 2014
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Closely sounding to thoughtful in phonetic terms. A thot who is very thoughtful. A thot is a reference to a whore,hoe even a hoe bag or can used as a acronym: That Hoe Over There (THOT). A thot who thinks is rephrased thotful.
Adam sleeps with so many girls. Brittany was in the kitchen cooking. Adam ejected "Brittany how thotful of you to cook breakfast for me baby?"

Brittany responds "Adam did you say thoughtful or THOTFUL?" Adam says "I was calling you thoughtful." *wink wink* Adam murmurs under his breath "This hoe don't know how thotful she is!" Adam resumes to texting his homies about this thotful thot making his breakfast.
by enekove January 05, 2014
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"Damn Felicia, your offer to suck my dick was so thotful"

"Aww thanks for the nude, that was so thotful of you!"
by HamzahThotOfThis March 20, 2019
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