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|| |_
Joe: Hey Randy
Randy: Fuck you Joe
Joe: Your loss bro
by Nemonelimious April 14, 2016
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A meme overused by Indy aka @manicstoner
Indy: loss 👏👏😪😩 is 😩🅱️😪 in 😪🇬🇷🅱️👍🤧👍 everything 👍🤧😤🤩
by lossenthusiast August 16, 2018
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Loss- a meme that was popular a few years ago and has made a comeback with a few Instagram pages such as @/ manicstoner , aka: Indy
Indy:look as this new loss meme from 2014

Followers: no more please
by Aween August 20, 2018
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|, ||, ||, |_
There are 2 people in this world... those that get it, and those that don't.

(this is loss btw)
by TerraByt3 April 15, 2021
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When you can't find words to describe what is going on.
A man with a handlebar moustache rides by you on a pink pony with a purple tail while carrying a box of dynamite and a sparkler. You turn to your friend and say, "Did you see that?" and she says, "Yes, I'm at a loss."
by dr.noise June 07, 2010
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bad meme overused by @socks.without.sandals
socks: | || || |_

everyone: yo wtf do u know things other than loss
by gaymango June 02, 2018
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originated from the loss meme that never should’ve become popular, “is this loss” is a term commonly used by those who become emotionally inarticulate in times of deep sorrow and can only express their grief with memes
someone: I’m so upset that X died
me: is this loss
by its_not_delivery September 05, 2018
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