noun. Slang for the penis

verb, transitive. To have intercourse with, to fuck, etc.
n. "Ridin' the pink pony" or "That dude definitely gobbles the pink pony."

v.t. "I'm definitely gonna pink pony that bitch."
by Elwood P. Dowd December 28, 2006
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Intentionally ambiguous euphemism, meaning to have a bad time or a bad day.
Everything went wrong today, I don't even want to talk about the specifics...I am totally Dragging the Pink Pony
by Ruby Perfecto October 20, 2008
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An e-mail intended to embarrass the sender, sent without senders knowledge or approval - sometimes referencing how much the sender likes pink ponies.
Usually done when someone leaves a computer unattended and unlocked, enabling anyone to do things on behalf of the logged in user.
Other variations involve changing settings and making minor changes on the computer to could be noticed immediately or much later.
Dane left his computer unlocked so I sent a pink pony e-mail from his account to everyone in his contact list saying he would buy them lunch.

I totally pink ponied Jerehmiah by changing his desktop background.
by LowAmmo July 11, 2012
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1. Exclamation used more commonly than not, to describe sheer frustration and or dissapointment.

2. The seldom seen use of the term, when a chick (or dude?) takes it upon themselves to let you know how they want to be worked during the act of procreation
1. I forgot to save the final draft of my research paper! Fuck me like a fat pink pony man!

2. Guy: that how u want it?
Chick: fuck me like a fat pink pony!
guy: .....what?
by Chass Master Plus April 13, 2009
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Its an occurrence that happens to prodomilty white males durning sex. The pinker the pony the tastier that berry be.
Eh did you hear that Hazey only loves Pink Poni?
by Hazeyxmetal February 06, 2019
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