2014 is 2 years after the end of the world which didn't occur in 2012. 2014 is 100 years after World War I which started in 1914. Also the year where people will believe 2pac will come back alive because of some Machiavelli bullshit but that shit is less believable than the 2012 hoax and Y2K scare put combined. He got shot...end of story. Obamacare 2014 will probably kick in, pissing off alot of businesses. the news will say that the economy is fucking awesome all while the super best friends at the FED do all they can to debase the currency, causing more inflation and fuck up the economy some more. Most likely some dumbass people will believe that an asteroid will hit earth. Also according to the Chinese Zodiac, the Year of 2014 is the Year of the Horse. Winter Olympics are held in Russia. FIFA World Cup held in Brazil. The Hobbits will be in theaters in 3D!!The completion of One World Trade Center should be around this time as well. In the Anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion the story is set in the year 2015 so we are just one year away from an Angel attack.
Guy 1: 2014 is gay! when are we having another end of the world year?
Guy 2: Well, Marty Mcfly gets on the delorean time machine with the doc in the year twenty-fifteen so we should be good another year.
Gut 1: GAY!
by Adamantflame April 14, 2013
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The year 2014 was possibly one of the worst years ever when it came to the vile, inhumane atrocities of the world. The year would be summed up with terrorism, disease outbreaks, accidents and weather disasters.

Some notable events in 2014:

*Rise of ISIS and the thousands of civilian deaths affiliated (also western reporters)
*Ukraine Crisis
*Israel and Palestine intensifies

*Twin Malaysian Airlines disasters, 700+ deaths
*Sydney Hostage Crisis
*Kidnapped Nigerian girls
*South Korea ferry sinking, killing over a hundred of students
*Pakistani Taliban school shooting, over 200 deaths
*Floods and landslides in Asia and North America, respectively
*Turkey mine accidents, hundreds dead

Some rather known celebs died in this year. Robin Williams was the most memorable, respected and beloved who died in August. Joan Rivers, a controversial comedian, with both strong fans and haters. Phillip Seymour Hoffman, an Oscar winner. And golden age actress, Shirley Temple.
Let's hope 2014 would be the only year with such epic scales of disasters and atrocities.
by avialae December 25, 2014
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It's a simple movie. Basically, the lady takes her own virginity, and gives birth to herself, hence, being her own parents. She loves herself and misses her boyfriend (who btw is again the lady who started it all). She meets some random time travelling geek (who again, is the same lady). They try to stop a person who is gonna commit some crime. And guess what? The criminal is also her. See..... Simple!

Man #1: Dude did you watch Predestination (2014)
Man #2: Nah man! Some weirdo on Urban Dictionary spoiled it for me.
Man #1: Sucks to be you!
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The last golden years of any time (2015 was a start of decline)
Admit it, you know 2007-2014 were the best years ever!
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Most girls who are popular hang out with the older kids and get drunk and high on the weekends in someone's basement when the parents are gone. The girls are skanks and think they are hot shit. The guys are full of themselves and have the wanna be tough guy black person when really your just a white kid. Everyone has a twitter and Facebook and is constantly texting. No one talks on the phone it's either text or voicemail. There are a bunch of cliques and everyone tries to nudge their way into the "coolest" clique, in 20 years the "cool" clique will be a bunch of no life's. There are no real friends because everyone's just in it for themselves. Survival of the fittest but in this case survival of the most popular. Everyone always complains how tired they are and how they're so busy when quite frankly no one gives a shit. People will say nice things to your face but behind your back everyone talks shit and lies to one another. 95% of the grade drinks, about half smokes weed. Every time there's a party there are tons of pictures taken of these underaged kids drinking posted to facebook so in the long run colleges and companies can look at your facebook and deny your college app or not hire you. Everything is a big deal and eventually blows over. The people who you think are your friends will turn against you in a heartbeat .
Class of 2014, bunch of losers. Tremendous swag however..
by Mr.Unknown \_(-_-)_/ January 9, 2012
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Class of SWAG. Loud, funny, immature, energetic.
"Class of 2014 has swag."
"Not all."
by Anissa. August 12, 2011
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