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A tip about life
Life pro tip: define words that haven't been defined on Urban Dictionary. That way you get more likes
by TerraByt3 June 12, 2021
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|, ||, ||, |_
There are 2 people in this world... those that get it, and those that don't.

(this is loss btw)
by TerraByt3 April 15, 2021
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The original doge seen in the doge meme. She was adopted in 2008 by Japanese kindergarten teacher Atsuko Satō and named after the citrus fruit kabosu because her face was round like the fruit.
such Kabosu
Much information
Very original
So doge
by TerraByt3 June 14, 2021
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Hey, it's me! Thanks for looking me up on urban dictionary, I want you to know that all other heroes are nothing compared to me. I am the best. Stay safe out there!
I, Deadpool, am the best hero. Fuck everyone who thinks otherwise
by TerraByt3 April 13, 2021
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