The UPers referes to people who live in a section of michigan just north of Wisconsin. The Upper Peninsula, it is generaly regarded with much hate and lothing.
Them UPers dont have a damn clue how to drive
by Matt Hoover April 20, 2005
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Slang word for anyone who lives in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan.
"those damn upers keep coming down here to Wisconsin to drink all our beers"
by TimOllie April 6, 2005
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Ex: he is super annoying < he is uper annoying
by Kimothy April 15, 2019
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the examples for "davis" are <u>uper</u> weird!
by Emily D November 22, 2003
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A friend, relative, or associate, that always has a better story than yours. This person will lie about almost every detail of his story just to be a little bit better than you. Traits are lonely adolescences with absolutely no friends, and a lot of cats.
Me: Dude, I hit a birdie on that last par 5"
One Uper: Well, I just happen to get an eagle on that hole.

Me: I won the lottery this weekend.
One Uper: I've won it twice.
Me: How is that possible, duche?
by I_TOUCH_MYSELF August 29, 2009
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uper+ milf = uper milf
Uper (super) mother I'd like to fuck. Not very complicated.
Jessica Alba is an uper milf.
by koko November 4, 2005
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Da way you should ask for anything dat's somewhat difficult, inconvenient, unusual, etc.
One should always be ultra-polite when asking for any favor, of course, but you should act especially humble and unassuming if your request involves anything other than "run-of-the-mill" stuff. Most people will usually understand that life is not always easy or convenient, and so if you ask su-u-u-u-uper-nicely (and of course, try to only request help/favors when you really need it), it is amazing what people may do/allow for you.
by QuacksO August 5, 2019
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