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to complain
Suzy just like to sit around and bitch about the high price of crack
by Koko April 11, 2003

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It means sex, god damn it!
You make me wanna lala, lala, lala, in the back of the bus, in the airplane..
by koko March 05, 2005

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jar-head (n) a member of the United States Marine Corps..... OOooraaAAHH!!
Well are you a jarhead?
by Koko February 10, 2003

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famous for being famous

Elvis is the king of rock'n'roll
by Koko January 23, 2005

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One of the first reality tv shows that airs on fox saturday nights at 8pm.
Lets watch COPS tonight.
by Koko November 28, 2004

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noun. A piece of fabric or clothes that's used to cleans one's semen after masturbation.
Usually old sweat pants, T-shirts, single socks, and old boxers.
The wank jammies are used soly for that purpose, and are usually hidden away in a safe place (under the matress, the closet).
Don't touch that dog, them be my wank jammies, yo.
Crap, my mom washed my wank jammies
by koko October 31, 2004

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A sweet band from Ventura, CA. They mix punk with pop and add a couple of keyboards to create a unique and absolutely amazing sound. They ROCK!
Did you pick up the new Army of Freshmen CD, Beg Borrow Steal? I heard it's awesome!
by Koko September 07, 2004

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