6 definitions by The 2112 Hollilama

Any anti- religious meme
Any meme that ridicules our Heavenly Father must be considered a blasphememe
by The 2112 Hollilama January 31, 2019
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Self important overly perception concious people who wear a blue tooth phone attachment on their ear to as a pseudo sign of success
Look at phonyphone pretending they're doing big things.
by The 2112 Hollilama November 10, 2018
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A person who always has a better story then the one just told
I said I'd seen the band twice, but my friend the one uper, said he'd seen them four times
by The 2112 Hollilama November 10, 2018
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The weapon of choice when smooting holes in your ability to communicate clearly
The lack of clarity in his smocking gun comments left many wondering "wtf is talking about?"
by The 2112 Hollilama December 11, 2018
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