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A kickass indie band from Chingford, London. It consists of Joel Stoker (vocals, guitar), Lucus Crowther (guitar, vocals), Rob Pyne (bass guitar, vocals), and Grant Marsh (drums, percussion).
Awesome songs?
"Local Boy"
"When I'm Alone"
"Peace and Quiet"
"Science In Violence"
"Fall To Sorrow"
I saw The Rifles last night and they kicked ass.
by RiflesLover4Life August 20, 2009
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Is an alias for a creative artist out of Philadelphia, named Thee!General or Michael Thee!. The term is used to describe something created by the artist, that is accurately piercing or makes a punctilious powerful statement.
A shot from "The Rifle" isn't a literal thing. It's a statement from Thee!General.
by Michael Thee! March 14, 2017
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