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a team in the National Football League (NFL) that is the measuring stick for which all other teams considered "great" can be measured against.

6 Lombardi Trophy's, slew of Hall of Famers, unrelenting, suffocating defense, the best traveled fans of any team.

Also as a side note, one can use the term "Pittsburgh Steeler" as an adjective to describe something as being great.
And the Pittsburgh Steelers have done it, surpassing both the 49ers and the Cowboys as the only team to win 6 Super Bowls. Looks like just 3 yrs after winning one for the thumb they now have one for the other thumb.

2 guys discussing the night before
Dude 1: Saw you leave with that hottie last night, way to go man.
Dude 2: Thanks man, been on a little drought lately.
Dude 1: So how it go?
Dude 2: Had a couple drinks, talked some, and then it was onto the bedroom. It was Pittsburgh Steelers all the way. (meaning the sex was great)
Dude 1: Nice, (high fives Dude 2) she have any friends?
Dude 2: Well yeh, but they dont like guys with small dicks.
Dude 1: That sucks, well at least I am lucky your ex-wife is still around, she never complains
Dude 2: Asshole (kicks Dude 1 in the balls)

by Myron Cope February 04, 2009
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