A guy who likes to wear sequinced tops and spandex shorts - a lot. Often known for his work-out videos, such as "Sweating to the Oldies", where he will be joined on stage with various fatties in the background. According to an A&E biography on him, he used to be an actor and referred to as "Dickie". He was also apparently always yearning for his father's attention (could explain some things). Has never actually gone out and said he was homosexual, but all signs seem to point to YES GAWD YES!
Richard Simmons exercise videos are funny in a disturbing way.
by The awesome one December 13, 2004
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1. A fat, white, gay, afro-totting "fitness guru" whose workout videos are composed of crappy 80's songs, tight-ass short-shorts, and lots of high pitched giggling and encouragement to the other morbidly obese people (mostly women) in the distance who for some unknown reason signed up to be featured in a workout video with one of the most ridiculed people of all time.

2. An insult referring to one's sexuality.

3. The epitome of gay.
1. Richard Simmons loves to frolic in his daisy dukes with the fat women as Devo's "Whip It" plays in the distance.


Teenager #1: Hey, why don't we buy one of Cher's albums?
Teenager #2: Dude, you're friggin' Richard Simmons.

3. I'm sorry, that last one is self-explanatory.
by DelCast December 21, 2006
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Some gay dude who dances to 30's jazz and has alot of chest hair. Went to jail for sexually molesting his mother.
by zack mellinger October 23, 2008
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defying all laws of gay physics. I mean, god, even gay people get offended. Yes, we do!
"Ok, now let's dance around with our arms in the air and our spandex tighties hugging our bodies! Ok? And one and two and.."
by Matt Black May 30, 2005
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the action of putting mentos and diet coke in either your ass or another person's ass
by halfbreed105 April 26, 2010
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a evil Fitness freak that shoots lazers out of his nipples
OMG its richard-simmons! run away *Screaming in horror*
by PieMast3r August 28, 2009
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