When you are getting a blow job, and you wait and ejaculate in her eye. After that you kick her in the leg so shes hobbling on one leg and has one had on her eye, proceed to fuck! She will be saying "ARGGGH!!!"
I gave my girlfriend "The Pirate" last night, and she still can't get the jiz out of her eye!
by Superman April 6, 2003
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The Pirate is when you take someone from behind and right when you're getting ready to blow your load you tell them, but instead of actually cumming you spit on their back and naturally they turn around to look, just then you shoot your actual load in their eye in which they grasp and cover it up with one hand afterward. As they stand up to ask you what that was all about you kick them in the shin. Now they're hobbling with one eye covered, hence the pirate.
I drank Rum mixed with gunpowder and then made your mother the pirate
by dragnov November 2, 2006
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Driving home from the bar shitfaced and having to cover one eye to prevent seeing double.
Clyde McBride: "Bro I got shitfaced last night at the bar and had to do the pirate to get home!" Kill: "Dude you're a shitbag!"
by Kill2009whoopthatass January 30, 2009
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While a man and woman are having sex, the man kicks the woman in the shin and cums in her eye. Causing her to wear an eyepatch
Jenny why are you wearing an eyepatch? This guy I fucked last night tried out this weird sex position called the Pirate.
by Fara Kaner November 24, 2010
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Stated simply as any sexual arousal for a male to the point of ejaculation.
He then ejaculates into the woman's eye upon which she covers her eye with her hand. Immediately following, the male punches her in the stomach. At this point with her hand over her eye she yells, "ARGHHHHHHH"
-Timeline of Events

Male: "Oh baby, Oh baby!"
Male: *Squirt*
Female: "My Eye!"
Male: *Punch*
by Zachry Diehl March 15, 2005
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1.This highly diffucult manuever to master is performed when one is having anal sex with his partner. When your about to cum you pull out and spti on her back so she thinks you came on her. Then when she turns around you bust in her eye, kick her in the shin, then punch her in the kidney making her go "arghh" with one eye closed a hand on her hip all the while bouncing on one leg.

2.Destroy Ninjas.
Chris:Dude, I heard Mel got the pirate last night...What the hell was Matt thinking?

Eddie:I know, she cant even sit right.

Chris:5 bucks says shes pissin blood.
by Sir Bagguwell January 23, 2007
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When you're getting a blow job from a girl you wait until your about to cum and you ejaculate in her eye. After that you proceed to punch her in the eye, forcing her to wear an eye patch. You also kick her in the shin, making her hobble on one leg.
by Shant April 3, 2003
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