An adult movie made in 2006 by digital playhouse and adam&eve production company. It has Jesse Jane, Carman Luvana, Evan Stone and my favorite... Janine. Followed up by a secound movie... that sucked. Used in as a word as a high quality porn or a high class porn or even as a adj. discribing an actress who is "whorie" but has good acting skills...
Angelia Jolie is pirates material, for sure...

wife:"Where you watching porn again?"
husband:" No, i was watching pirates"
by Knight_crawler February 06, 2010
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What every single land-lubber (and drunk) yearns to be.
Drunk: I wish I was in a crew of pirates, I could have an excuse to drink rum and swing swords at people.
by manicalhippieboy February 12, 2008
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The name given to the coolest dudes to ever sail the seven seas. They have cool boats, cool planks and cool wooden legs. Parrots are also optional. Their main duties include searching far and wide for, "pluder," or, "bling," as it would now be known.
"Man, pirates rule,"

"Totally, we should do a presentation on them.

"Shiver me timbers!"

"Is that a yes?"

"Walk the plank!"

"stop it with the Pirate talk, are we doing this presentation or what?"

"Ahoy there mateys."

"Oh whatever then you Jabroni."
by Ian "The Main Man" Mckenna April 20, 2005
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If someone does something awesome and manly they will get "piratings" for it. This is pretty much the same as ratings but only for manly things that a pirate would do
"I'll give you bare piratings if you merc that old lady over there and then rape her with your face.Twice."
by Sinister Sausage May 09, 2006
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The holy being in the religion of Pastafarianism. Often prayed to by followers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. R'amen.
A: Dude, I keep praying that Lucy will ask me out but she never does.

B: Thats because your not praying to Pirates.
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