The minigame takes place at a local pub in which the toilet seat has been removed, the aim of the game is to piss in the holes where the toilet seat once was.
Local alchy: I'll be right back guys just gonna hit the minigame
Innocent bystander: What's the minigame?
Local alchy: Check your snapchat in 2 minutes and you'll find out.
by OldBiscuit April 9, 2020
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A game on Roblox that a bunch of no lifers spend more than 12 hours per day playing so they can get 10k+ wins and be on the monthly leaderboard that no one gives a fuck about.
Robloxian1: How many wins have you got today in Epic Minigames?
Robloxian2: 2000!! I am on top of the leaderboard!
Robloxian3: Get a life.
by meistheone May 6, 2021
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The new word for FunOrb as Jagex don't care about it anymore, and have said Jagex Minigames in a developer diary about maintenance service themselves.
Person 1: I'm off to play Arcanists on Jagex Minigames.
Person 2: K, c'ya.
by Dananacroid November 21, 2010
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A Dance Dance Revolution based game that has the best song selection on planet earth. It got knocked off by Friday Night Funkin'.
The club penguin dancing minigame is simply the best rhythm game ever.
by MindLockAERO March 14, 2021
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