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A Dance Dance Revolution based game that has the best song selection on planet earth. It got knocked off by Friday Night Funkin'.
The club penguin dancing minigame is simply the best rhythm game ever.
by MindLockAERO March 14, 2021
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A British "company" that sells Windows 12 Lite (rebranded linux lite) and rebranded routers with appearently no sensorship.
webhouses: hey look at windos twelv and our rebranded routers with no sensorship!!!!!!111!!1
michael MJD: "sensorship"??? you fucking retard, this has to be added to the dictionary
by MindLockAERO March 21, 2021
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A game that got popular for no reason and has an incredible modding communitty.
Why did Friday Night Funkin' get so popular?
by MindLockAERO February 21, 2021
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An incredibly common Furby glitch that never allows the Furby to wake up, even if it's not in a dark place.

Mostly seen in Furbies that haven't been used in a long time.

Also used with the acronym "MSA".
me: I just found my old 1998 Furby in my closet. Turns out it was affected with Me Sleep Again. How do I fix this?
friend: idk, just look it up on youtube or something
by MindLockAERO October 29, 2021
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