2 definitions by OldBiscuit

When smoking a joint, one standard toke is taken before then inhaling the smoke from the lit end of the joint.

(Originated from Banchory, Scotland)
Junkie : Hey man go do a darth maul toke

Junkie 2: What's the hell is a darth maul toke??

Junkie: Its when you toke the joint then toke the lit end without touching it

Junkie 2: Ohhhh shit like darth mauls lightsaber I get it
by OldBiscuit April 08, 2020
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The minigame takes place at a local pub in which the toilet seat has been removed, the aim of the game is to piss in the holes where the toilet seat once was.
Local alchy: I'll be right back guys just gonna hit the minigame
Innocent bystander: What's the minigame?
Local alchy: Check your snapchat in 2 minutes and you'll find out.
by OldBiscuit April 09, 2020
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