Yo, have you been playing gorilla tag lately?

Yes, how did you know

Your arm is broken
by MeowCA April 28, 2021
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A game on the VR where people have the cringiest roast battles and 9 year old mini games.
Friend: wait you play gorilla tag!

Guy: yes how did you know.
Friend: you get no bitches
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the greatest most dangerous game in the universe where you can return to monke
ME: Hey Logan, you've been playing gorilla tag too much?
Logan: yeah, how did you know?
ME: Your arm is battered, and i think you cut your hand on the scissors again.
by Frick dude! February 11, 2022
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Gorilla tag is a game on vr your are a monke and trying to tag people or your friends.The invected is “lava monkey “, you as the monkey is going through the tree and course you have to not get taged
Do you want to play gorilla tag with me
by Justnoname April 12, 2021
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A game of where every middle schooler and kids below 12 meet up. if you have long arms, prepare to get mass reported because you don't have the physical body of a 11 year old child.
I play GORILLA TAG. I'm a 12 year old kid who didn't hit his growth spurt!
by CrazyMortix April 27, 2022
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the best and worst game to ever be made good fun game cool mechanics toddlers screaming racial slurs what's not to love
Yo bro I just got called a nigger by a 7 year old in Gorilla Tag
by frgyh bnl,m; bnyml,o May 3, 2022
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