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When a man stands above his toilet to urinate, gambling on the assumption that he doesn't need to crap.
ted: man, i was playing The Man's Game in there.. i lost.
by Deshbaud April 08, 2009
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A game in which a group of males see who can get the most women in a set amount of time (usually over Summer). Points are often assigned for different things (sex counts for a large amount, while oral sex may only be half the points, though it varies). Whoever can total up the most points by the end of the set time wins "The Man's Game".
The boys and I played The Man's Game last Summer. Jack had sex with a few girls so he got 45 points. John only hooked up with one girl so he came in at 15 points. I happened to be on a hot streak and racked up 75 points.
by Djentlemanx September 26, 2011
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