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A disease that cannot be given or taken away. The Geat is not only IN all things, but it makes UP all things. It makes the world known and unknown. People who have The Geat are unquestionably superior to the rest of mankind, but because they have The Geat they cannot really be compared. A person who obtains The Geat is also able to shoot invisible poison darts at a moment's notice, which can prove deadly to anyone who dares cross their path. The Geat is to remain unquestioned and treasured above all things material. The Geat; if you have to ask, you'll never know.
"He has The Geat, don't mess with him."

-"Marie is the obvious choice for the leading role."
-"What? No way, Christy's much better!"
-"No way, man....Marie's got.....The Geat." o_O
by MarFisch February 18, 2011
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