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An incredibly crappy FFVI character. He obeys Mog,enjoys carvings,and lives in the Narche mines.
You're gonna try beating Kefka with Umaro alone? You bought an wordN-Gage/word didn't you?
by 0niTTRay January 18, 2004
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A floating eyeball that appears late in some Final fantasy games. In addition to the one listed above,you can also find them in FFIV and VI,in the Path to the Core and Kefka's Tower,respectively. The FFIV one has a habit of killing off people with Doom/Condemn,then casting Berserk and Charm on the last men standing. The FFVI one can be Morphed into a Cursed Ring with the Ragnarok Esper,and when controlled can cast X-Zone.
Kain: What the hell?
Edge: Oh shit! An Allemagne! WE HAVE 10 SECONDS TO LIVE!
Rydia: *slap*
by 0niTTRay December 17, 2003
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"Hey wanna watch Max X with us?"
"No,I'm gonna have my teeth drilled on instead."
by 0niTTRay March 12, 2004
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Another word for sexy...or,uh,the instructor chick from FF8. She has a whip.
If you ever find a woman in real life that looks like Quistis, KEEP HER.
by 0niTTRay April 28, 2004
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The opposites of sellouts, they say whatever they want no matter how stupid most trendy squares will think it sounds.
Originating from Cramshananteen Arabia, they rap about peanuts, good girls and bad girls, sch55, Mario Twins, and Sh7-Eleven.
Rag on bands like Backshotte babies, Wink 152, Katt Rock, Puff Doggy, and britney spanks. Also covered a MC Hammer song.
Sadly since the vocalist Hashmeer Shashmeer quit, no new albums have been seen for some time.
Katt Rock, you try to singh but you can'tte. Maybe cuz you forgowt to putte deoderanth!

they have website at www.groupxarab.com do a look back
by 0niTTRay September 13, 2004
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It was good when I was like 7,but now it sucks fucking ass. They even cancelled Invader Zim,the greatest show ever created.
I hope Jhonen Vasquez totally ruins As Told By Ginger's shit. Fuck that gay-ass preteen soap opera shit.
by 0niTTRay October 3, 2003
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