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The campus bar of Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. Either the best or worst bar in the world, depending on your perspective. A good place to hook up with strangers, especially ones in high school, and drink overpriced alcohol underage. Undeniably skeezy, but with a charm all its own.
For me, Boot O'Clock is around 3:30 am, although The Boot is great all the time.
by Dirty Magic November 06, 2011
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to get kicked out.. not necessarily in a rude or offensive manner
Kendra: Cory what did you do last night?
Cory: Well, I was at mikey's keggar but the cops showed up at 2 and we got the boot.
by rubella July 28, 2005
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To be kicked when you're already down. (Usually not in the literal sense).
Tom: I cannot believe my girlfriend just broke up with me! After 3 years!

Mike: Uh...Tom?

Tom: Yeah? What is it, Mike?

Mike: Is that your car outside? The Red Suburban...The one that is being towed?

Tom: Ahhhh Christ! First my girlfriend breaks up with me and now this fuckin' Jabronee has to come along and give me The boot!?! Great! Just God damned perfect!
by zachary_MIDWEST November 05, 2009
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common slang used in the Western regions of the United States, referring to the feeling of wearing 100+ pound boots on each foot. After smoking a thick blunt or cross joint, or even a heavy bong rip, sitting becomes #1 on one's priority list. "The Boots" weigh you down so much that you can't arise from your given beanbag/couch/chair/etc.
"Yo, I'm so ripped... can we please run to taco bell for some munch?"

"Nah man, I'm wearin' the boots. Can't move."
by brosemary hall February 10, 2010
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