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A subculture strongly present in east Sacramento, California based on riding fixed-gear bicycles (fixies), wearing clothing from thrift stores, especially cutoffs, and driving late 1980's stationwagons.
Tim and I rode our fixies to the thrift store in East Sac to pick up some cutoffs. We're hella urb.
by Dirty Magic January 22, 2011

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The campus bar of Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. Either the best or worst bar in the world, depending on your perspective. A good place to hook up with strangers, especially ones in high school, and drink overpriced alcohol underage. Undeniably skeezy, but with a charm all its own.
For me, Boot O'Clock is around 3:30 am, although The Boot is great all the time.
by Dirty Magic November 06, 2011

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Liquid joy
Shit, I only have 20 dollars to buy alcohol tonight.

No sweat, dude. Let's just buy Franzia red. We can get thoroughly trashed without breaking the bank.
by Dirty Magic November 17, 2011

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