Black Denver metro area slang for law enforcement, synonymous with "one time," "jakes," and "12."
I just pulled up to a jug in the bellz and I heard "oh shit it's the tees," I had to get gone!
by MississippiIncenseMan February 12, 2023
When we would go camping in the woods, and I had to tee tee, I would ask my daddy, and he would tell me to go tee tee down by the creek.
by Scott1024 April 18, 2006
(verb) A very genteel southern term for urination. Used for both sexes in childhood, used by women throughout their lives. Tee tee comes from the tee-hiny. A person who would use this term would never let the coarsely vulgar "pee" ever cross their lips.
"I have to tee tee so bad - I hope that fat lady in the left stall and the woman with three little children in the right one will hurry up," said Velva Mae to her sister Venery Ann.
by Marthakay September 3, 2007
Urine, esp. dog urine.
Can be used to describe the act of urinating or the poddy itself.
Tiffy, you're in Mrs. Carmichael's lawn now. Go tee-tee! Go tee-tee!!!
{faint sound of a dog urinating
GOOD GIRL!!! Make that fucking douchenoozle's lawn turn brown!!!
Serves her right for pissing and moaning about my wheelie bin every goddamn week!
by Telephony December 20, 2021
The scientifically correct way to speak about urine and occasionally semen.
There is a bunch of fucking tee tee all over my backpack. I guess I'm gonna have to shit on the stairs today to even things out.
by El Poopstersaurus January 4, 2019
T-shirt - casual wear for all ages.
I'm going to wear my red tee tonight.
by Tronno December 29, 2005
Another name for an Aunt or Aunt T
My Tee-Tee would take me to the zoo as a child. I loved spending time with her!
by dgrade October 3, 2019