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(noun) The tee-hiny is the nether region of the body, particularly for women and girls. I have never heard this term in reference to males, but that's not to say it doesn't exist. It isn't just the vagina, it's the "bottom" plus any other places "down there." This term is used almost exclusively in the south by the very genteel but anatomically disinterested.

Its origins are unknown, but it's common in South Louisiana, where "Tee" is a French/Cajun term meaning "little." So it could be translated as "little hiny/hinie/hiney."

The main product of the tee-hiny is tee-tee. No nice lady in the south would ever say "pee." It is considered extremely vulgar, probably worse than the "F" word.

Again, it's not just the vagina because everybody knows you don't tee-tee from your vagina. You tee-tee from your tee-hiny.
When I went to the bathroom, my mother was sure to say, "Wipe your little tee-hiny," which is redundant as "tee" means small.
by Marthakay September 03, 2007
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