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I would totally fuck all the robotic characters from fallout 4, but I'm afraid I'll get the " the clank"
by Peptide October 12, 2017
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When you are having really great intercourse and you take out some tinfoil and proceed to wrap your Willy with said, tinfoil. Next, you wrap her anal cavity with tinfoil as well, when all the procedures are done, you start fucking again and it should make some type of "clanking" noises.
You can do this with her mouth too but it might hurt her so be careful and try a corpse instead.
"So I heard you fucked some girl at the party last night David", "No man we didn't just fuck we did the clank and eventually I killed her of blood loss to the throat but it's okay because I kept going"
by Hungry Has Pie May 12, 2018
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