Deshaun is a very smart and talented black guy. He is very athletic, and gets a lot of girls. Deshaun gets a lot of attention, and loves making other people laugh. Deshaun chases his dreams, and he will most likely go to the NBA.
Deshaun is awesome!
by 102033 May 21, 2017
A real ass nigga,he be fuckin all the bitches but look like a whole ass ninja turtle on the low. His dick is confirmed the largest in history at 24 inches.
Aw lord that boi Deshaun comin
by Deshauauaa March 7, 2019
Deshaun is a funny,handsome,intelligent boy he is loyal and will never betray you he is hard to talk to something but he a good guy and loves all his friends
Deshaun is awesome
by Daddy papi March 17, 2019
A basketball player that can smash anyone but
OMG BECKY I saw deshaun on his way to the gym and he was looking like he was outta put in work
by KingSlayer67 March 8, 2017
Deshaun is a man who loves theatre and usually a pretty intelligent guy and dates latinas
Deshaun did Fantastic in the high school play
by Deshaun Wilborn May 6, 2020
A nice black guy who loves their girlfriend to death and gives sexual love often and greatly sometimes he’s annoying but better than you in a way anyone is lucky to have him as a friend because he’s super popular
DeShaun:sup girls. Girls Thoughts;fuck me Fuck Me FUCK ME. DeShaun;okkkkk. Girls;Dammit
by DextyDester October 27, 2017
A Sexyy Boy Frm Forest Hill Boyss
Girl: Oh My Daze That Boys Noiceee

Other Girl: Thats Deshaun
by yahh trick yahhh May 3, 2009