when one tells an especially juicy bit of gossip
"Girl, did you know Renee is having ANOTHER baby? And the babby daddy is the same guy who she found out has been cheating on her!"

"OMG, spill the tea on that drama!!!!"
by Jana617 May 12, 2008
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"T" has also always stood for the word "Truth" in drag culture. So to spill the tea or T . . . is to tell the truth about something juicy. This was popularized by the drag queen Lady Chablis in "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, who also considered herself transgendered.
Lady Chablis: "The fact that I'm a beautiful woman is clear . . . but the fact that I have a penis, well, that's my T, that's my Truth."

To Spill the Tea or T is to tell the truth about something juicy or scandalous.
by Lavish Squalor December 25, 2016
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“i saw marcus hanging out with trayce yesterday!” “ohhhh spill the tea, sis.”
by mcnuggetdestroyer September 2, 2019
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To share gossip. A term started within the gay community of San Antonio, Texas and spread originally throughout the South Central region of the United States. Now used throughout the gay communities in United States and possibly other countries. It comes from the idea of having old Southern tea parties in the South to gossip behind people's back.
R: "Okay girls, it is time to spill the tea."

C: "What tea do you have?"

R: "A certain ex boyfriend of the grand Queen now says he is straight"
by Beava Diva April 9, 2012
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Gossiping, usually in school or online.
Person 1: Did you hear? James Charles is dating!
Person 2: No way! Spill the tea sis!
by Brxhhhhh September 12, 2018
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