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The black ghetto female alter ego of Shane Dawson, the famous (and awesome ) You-tuber .
Shanaynay: I saw these videos of these Asian bitches tryin to do makeup and tryin to show people how to do makeup.. I anit racist , all im saying that bitches should stick to what they know , and what they need to be doing is making videos about how to give good blowjobs and get good nails !
by Scott_the_bookeeper November 16, 2009
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hey sha nay nay, call me on my cell phone girl, i haven't talked to you since last saturday at kfc.
by kody the coyote January 31, 2005
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martin lawrence use to be this charactor in his show. she was soooo rude to people. she use to have her saying, no you didn't. she use to where dookie breads, tacky clothes, and so much make up and drunk forty ounce of old eglish malt beer. she could never get a date because she was so ugly.
don't be acting like shanaynay!

bitch i know your not wearing my earing! oh no she didn't

she use to be so sarcastic!
by alycia rankin April 07, 2006
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1) A blow up doll with a ghettolicious attitude
2)Josh's next girlfriend
On a cold, lonely night Josh likes to spend time with Shanaynay
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When referred to as shanaynay, it means you have a black butt, and you have the hora of a black woman. Also referencing Martin Lawrence's character, shanaynay. But this is in no way derrogatory.
Damn, shanaynay!!!! You have a big ol' butt!
by shanaynaybuttwoman September 26, 2009
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