Koba: Guys I haven't left my room for a few days
Jerod: Yo, same. Fallout 4 is too dank
Kaylem: What's sunlight again? I forgot....
by BrokxnArrow November 25, 2015
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Life stealer. Soul grabber. Marriage ender. Child abductor.
Guy: "Hey, have you seen Jimmy anywhere?"
Other: "Nah, he got Fallout 4 yesterday. God help him."
by SPARTAN-G117 November 17, 2015
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A game being released by Bethesda on November 10, 2015. Set in Mass.
"Fallout 4's never coming out" - said morons everywhere

"BS" replied Bethesda

And so it was.
by keep on fracking64 September 15, 2015
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A game that "should" be made by Bethesda, but it won't be released for like 36127 years.
Man 1: Hey, look at the skeleton in front of GameShop!

Man 2: He probably died waiting for Fallout 4.

Man 1: lolololololoolololololo u r kill mi stop
by pusydestreyor111111 February 23, 2014
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A terrifyingly accurate game in which you survive a nuclear disaster and the most addicting game after candy crush
Mom-wow what are you doing awake so early

Me - mom I haven't gone to sleep yet playing fallout 4
by Tony it's January 2, 2016
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A drive to collect items of importance you find in Fallout 4 in real life.
I.E.: Globes for screws, Duct Tape for adhesive, aluminum cans for aluminum and/or any bottlecaps.
Aw man I played Fallout 4 all weekend! Yesterday I saw a globe and something in me told me to go grab it so I could a screw from it, the same thing happened with a roll of duct tape just a few hours later! I think I got Fallout 4 Syndrome...
by Psymon The Cat December 3, 2015
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