The process of giving someone a good kicking for being hideously annoying.
"That Jo girl could do with clanking. She really gets on my nerves."
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when two men repeatedly beat their penises together -causing a wonderful noise- to ejaculate
tom and bradd enjoyed clanking after their movie rehaersal
by yellow spermface April 17, 2011
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This word can be used as a verb.
Clank Clank is the 🗜 emoji and is generally used in order to express something scary, or make a threat.
This phrase was created as a result of the scary and threatening look of this emoji.
You better not spill the tea or I will clank clank you.
by jason lol March 22, 2019
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the opposite of bling bling.

Fake metal jewelry/diamonds. clank clankin skank.
did you see that cracka? he was totally clank clanking
by psychokittyn February 10, 2004
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when a girl or boy is being a hoe or talking to multiple people.
man brodie drop that hoe she a clank ong.
its a clank world
by ghettobraattt November 6, 2020
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Someone or a group of people who follow a trend that isn't funny or amusing, leading to a sense of despise towards them
Yo Tyrone, yall see them clanks tryin to make that shit funny. Its pathetic

Aye Shanaynay, don't be actin like a dumbass clank wearing that
by YoungThug420 May 12, 2015
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Another word for being boned, usually by a robot.
Jenna: Dude, Mark just told me a robot clanked him.
Bill: Welcome to the future, man,
by Wolf God Fenrir January 26, 2016
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